Shri Raghunathji (Pancham Kumar)

Surrender of Doubt, Desire & Ego through Brahma-Sambandha

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Prabhu Shri Krishna is our Master. We lose faith in Shri Krishna because it is not possible to know what He intends – what He wishes. When even the intention of a human master is not possible to know beforehand – what to speak of the decision of the divine Master?

Indeed, to fulfill the wishes of devotees Shri Krishna bestows even what is impossible to obtain

So, because of this loss of faith just like us, that which takes us much effort to accomplish, we falsely assume that even for Shri Krishna it must be difficult sometimes and for that we assumeprayer is for reminding Shri Krishna again and again. Shri Mahaprabhuji utters ‘सर्वत्र’ here. It means that – at all times and at all places, each and every object belongs to Shri Krishna. This is to make that known. So, Shri Krishna says…

अहं सर्वस्य प्रभवो (Bh. Geeta 10|8) – I am the source of all

Principles such as these should be known by us… To remove the doubt that indeed even for Shri Krishna it must take effort to give what is not destined for devotees, Shri Mahaprabhuji says here,

‘सर्व-सामर्थ्यम्-एव’ – Shri Krishna is all powerful

He is not dependent on destiny to accomplish anything; quite the contrary, it is destiny that is subordinate to Shri Krishna. It has been created from Him, thus controlled by Him…His power of,

कर्तुम्-अकर्तुम्-अन्यथाकर्तुम्…doing what can be done – doing what cannot be done – doing that which is beyond these

is also made known by this.

Sometimes what is intensely desired by us may not be granted by Shri Krishna. Then, ego may arise in the devotee’s mind – “Even I won’t perform Seva”. That should never be done. Ego has to be renounced in every way. Not only should one not be arrogant but also shouldn’t despair for what is un-attained. The renunciation should be internal and external. The reason is that in ‘complete surrender’ to Shri Krishna in Pushtimarg through Brahma-Sambandha the internal senses (अन्तःकरण) have also been offered.

Ego is a part of these internal senses…

(This a word to word translation to maintain the purity of the original text . Hence the academic English. Words in grey italics have been added by the translator to aid in understanding of the translation)

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  1. Dandvat pranam jeje, thank you for this wonderful vachnamrut, please do keep posting such verses as it helps us keep getting reminded of the principles of pushtimarg.

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