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What is Brahma-Sambandha

in Gokulnathji (Chaturth Kumar)/Vachanamrut by

To do Brahma-Sambandha means to surrender to Bhagwan Shri Krishna (through the Brahma-Sambandha diksha) by an Acharya of Pushtimarg. The impurities of everyone’s body and everyone’s spirit, which are obstacles in Seva, can be removed only by Brahma-Sambandha.

… the word “Brahma” has been used here, the purpose of which is this – Just as in Brahma there is an attribute of the equality of all, similarly here, after the surrender through the Acharya,

There is indeed no discrimination but only equality in (Shri Krishna’s) acceptance of everybody

To convey this, the word “Brahma” has been used here.

…In all circumstances, all impurities can be removed only by the “Sambandha” (relation) with a pure material. Only Purushottam Shri Krishna is pure in entirety, no one else. That is why Shri Vallabhacharyaji has said…

कृष्णात्परं नास्ति दैवं वस्तुतो दोष वर्जितम् (अन्तःकरण प्रबोध १) – except Shri Krishna no other deity is truly devoid of impurities.

That is why in Bhaktimarg, since it is this Purushottam Shri Krishna’s Seva that is being done – just by that relation itself, every impurity of all is removed…

Source: Chaturth Kumar Shri Gokulnathji’s commentary on Mahaprabhuji Shri Vallabhacharyaji’s Siddhant Rahasya – shloka 02

(The primary purpose here is a word to word translation, it does work out to very odd and academic English grammar – but that is to be understood)

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